Beyond the Final Mission: Top 3 Activities in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora After Beating the Game

“Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora” is an amazing game that has impressed players with its stunning visuals, captivating world, and thrilling gameplay. However, what happens when you successfully save Pandora from the RDA and complete the main storyline? Well, don’t worry, fellow Na’vi, as the journey doesn’t end there! Pandora is a vast world filled with diverse creatures and activities that you can enjoy even after finishing the main story. Below are the top three things you can do to keep yourself engaged in the post-game activities.

1. Deep Dive into Side Quests and Uncover Pandora’s Secrets

The main story of Pandora is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the complex conflicts and wonders of this world. There are plenty of side quests to explore, each with its own unique story, challenges, and rewards. These quests offer a chance to learn more about the lore of the various Na’vi clans, meet interesting characters, and support specific regions of Pandora.

Unveiling Tribal Cultures

Assist the Matkayina clan in protecting their sacred waterfalls, join the Banished Ikran riders in reclaiming their lost territory, or unravel the mysteries of the elusive Omaticaya clan. Each quest line offers a unique insight into their traditions, struggles, and perspectives, enriching your knowledge of the diverse inhabitants of Pandora.

Exploring Hidden Gems

Look beyond the marked paths and explore uncharted territories. You may come across hidden waterfalls that are full of bioluminescent life, forgotten ruins that hold ancient secrets, or rare flora and fauna that cannot be found elsewhere. These discoveries not only satisfy your thirst for exploration but also reward you with valuable resources and crafting materials.

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2. Master the Hunt and Become a True Na’vi Warrior:

Pandora is a planet with an abundance of diverse and often perilous creatures. You can develop your hunting skills and become a formidable warrior by tracking and taking down elusive prey. Mastering different hunting techniques with various weapons, such as bows, spears, and traps, adds an exciting layer of gameplay.

Confronting Apex Predators

Challenge yourself by facing off against Pandora’s apex predators, such as the fearsome Thanator or the elusive Great Leonopteryx. These encounters are difficult and require skilled maneuvering, strategic planning, and the right equipment. If you defeat them, you can earn rare trophies and earn bragging rights within your clan.

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Crafting Legendary Gear

Test your skills by taking on Pandora’s top predators, including the fearsome Thanator or the elusive Great Leonopteryx. These battles are challenging and demand expert maneuvering, strategic planning, and the appropriate equipment. If you emerge victorious, you will receive rare trophies and earn bragging rights among your clan.

3. Contribute to the Na’vi Community and Shape Pandora’s Future

Remember that your journey is not solely focused on individual achievements. It is also about contributing towards the greater good of the Na’vi community and ensuring the protection of Pandora. You can participate in community events, donate resources to clan baskets, and help in rebuilding settlements that have been ravaged by the RDA.

Clan Restoration

Help different clans restore their homes and ecosystems after the RDA’s destruction. Witness the visible impact of your contributions as flora and fauna flourish and clan spirits are lifted.

Shaping the Future

Your decisions in the game have consequences, affecting Pandora’s future. Completing certain quests and actions can unlock new post-game scenarios or subtly alter the landscape, giving you a sense of agency and impact.

Remember, Pandora is your canvas. Don’t forget, you can continue exploring, engaging with the world, and shaping your own Na’vi legend even after completing the final mission in Pandora.


Q: Are there any missable side quests in the game?

A: After completing the main story, some side quests may become unavailable. However, most remain accessible allowing players to explore them at their own pace.

Q: What are the best rewards for completing side quests?

A: Rewards for quests may include unique weapons, armor, materials, and experience points. Some quests unlock abilities and hidden areas.

Q: How do I find hidden locations and secrets in the game world?

A: When exploring, pay attention to environmental clues, use your scanner to uncover hidden markings and passages, and talk to different Na’vi characters for hints and directions.

Q: What are some tips for mastering hunting in the game?

A: It is important to research the behavior and weaknesses of your prey, use appropriate weapons and traps, and choose the suitable hunting grounds. Upgrading your hunting skills and equipment also plays a crucial role in your success.

Q: How can I contribute to the Na’vi community after finishing the game?

A: Contribute to clan baskets, participate in community events like rebuilding settlements, and complete side quests that directly benefit specific clans. Your actions can have a tangible impact on Pandora’s future.

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