Bricktastic Battle Royale: A Review of LEGO FORTNITE

The worlds of LEGO and Fortnite have come together to create a unique mashup experience called LEGO FORTNITE. This game is free to play, and it combines the core building and battling elements of Fortnite with the creativity and charm of LEGO bricks. As a result, gamers of all ages can enjoy a surprisingly delightful experience. But how does it compare to its individual components, and is it worth playing? Let’s explore the building blocks of this innovative title.

Building a World of Your Own

The true beauty of LEGO FORTNITE lies in its Creative Mode where imagination knows no bounds. You can build anything you desire, be it a detailed castle or a futuristic city, the possibilities are endless. Even building with LEGO bricks digitally still retains its inherent satisfaction. Joining blocks together, trying different colors and shapes, and watching your creation come to life is undeniably entertaining.

Survival with a Cheery Twist

Adventure awaits in Battle Royale Mode, which is a family-friendly version of the classic Fortnite format. In this mode, players need to search for resources, craft tools, and build shelters like LEGO forts to survive a shrinking storm and defeat opponents. The core gameplay loop is like the original format, but instead of violent gameplay, this version uses playful “bricking.” When a player is defeated, they turn into sparkling LEGO piles instead of disappearing in a gory haze. This lighthearted approach suits younger players who might avoid traditional battle royale games.

In Game Capture

Cooperation is Key

In contrast to the traditional version of Fortnite, LEGO FORTNITE focuses on cooperative gameplay. You have the option to team up with either your friends or friendly non-playable characters (NPCs) to complete quests, collect resources and construct your base. This collaborative gameplay promotes a more inclusive and enjoyable experience, where the emphasis is on teamwork and joint problem-solving rather than individual supremacy.

Not So Square?

LEGO FORTNITE is an enjoyable and distinctive game, but it also has some drawbacks. The grinding part of the game can seem boring, especially when playing alone, as it requires you to collect resources for large constructions. Furthermore, although the creative tools are user-friendly, they lack the complexity and accuracy that you’d find in other building games like Minecraft. Lastly, the Battle Royale Mode is suitable for all ages, but experienced Fortnite players may find it less thrilling since it lacks the intense PvP action they’re used to.


If you’re searching for a game that is lighthearted, creative, and enjoyable for the whole family while also combining the fun of building with playful competition, LEGO FORTNITE is an excellent option to consider. However, if you have a strong desire for in-depth building mechanics or intense PvP action, you may find some areas of the game lacking. In the end, LEGO FORTNITE is a unique experience that stands out on its own, providing a delightful and wholesome twist on familiar genres. Therefore, gather your virtual LEGO bricks, team up with friends, and get ready to build, battle, and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is LEGO FORTNITE free to play?

A: Yes! LEGO FORTNITE is completely free to play with optional in-game purchases for cosmetic items.

Q: Does LEGO FORTNITE have microtransactions?

A: Optional in-game purchases are available for cosmetic items such as character skins and building materials, but they are not necessary to progress or gain a competitive advantage.

Q: Is LEGO FORTNITE appropriate for children?

A: Yes! LEGO FORTNITE is designed to be family-friendly. Violence is replaced with playful “bricking,” and the overall tone is lighthearted and humorous.

Q: What platforms is LEGO FORTNITE available on?

A: LEGO FORTNITE is available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

Q: How does LEGO FORTNITE compare to traditional Fortnite?

A: LEGO FORTNITE emphasizes cooperative, family-friendly gameplay with toned-down violence and creative building.

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