Unlocking the Senechal’s Potential: Must-Try Companion Combos in Diablo 4

The latest Season 3 of Diablo 4 has brought in a new character – the mysterious Senechal Companion, which is a robot ally that can be customized to enhance your fighting skills. However, with a vast selection of Governing and Tuning Stones, it can be challenging to find the perfect combination. But don’t worry, as a Reddit user named Failroth has come forward with an abundance of effective Senechal combos that will help you unleash your companion’s full potential, making it easier for demon hunters to navigate this labyrinth.

Harnessing the Tempest:

Tempest is a Governing Stone with an electric charge that transforms your Senechal into a storm cloud. Failroth suggests combining it with Arcing + Efficiency for a powerful damage boost. Arcing allows lightning to chain to nearby enemies, while Efficiency helps your companion’s abilities charge faster, maximizing the Tempest’s shocking potential. Breaking adds a reliable “Vulnerable” debuff to the mix to gain extra control, making electrified targets even more susceptible to damage.

Supporting with a Spark:

The Senechal, your companion, can serve as more than a damage dealer. By using the Protect, Adrenaline, and Initiative abilities, your companion can become a loyal guardian. The Protect skill allows your companion to draw enemy aggro, while Adrenaline grants a temporary damage buff to both of you. Initiative ensures that your Senechal teleports to your side instantly, keeping you shielded and empowered during battles.

Flash of Brilliance:

To achieve an explosive synergy, you should try combining Flash of Adrenaline, Tactical, Duration, and Genesis. Flash of Adrenaline triggers the companion’s buff ability, while Tactical extends its duration. Additionally, Duration amplifies the buff’s timeframe, and Genesis provides a chance to instantly reset the ability cooldown. With a bit of luck, this build can keep the damage boost flowing like a perpetual adrenaline shot.

Beyond the Basics:

These listed combos are only a small sample of what Failroth’s list has to offer. It includes various combinations for crowd control, debuffs, and resource management. Try them out to see which ones work best with your playstyle and class. Keep in mind that the Senechal is an adaptable tool, and when paired with the appropriate stones, it can become your greatest ally in the war against the Burning Hells.

By applying these useful tips and techniques, you are now on the right track to fully utilize the extraordinary capabilities of your Senechal Companion. Always keep in mind that the battlefield is the perfect place to experiment, and there are countless ways to combine your skills. Therefore, my fellow demon hunters, let us move forward and unleash the incredible power of our faithful robotic companions!


Q: Where can I find Failroth’s full list?

A: Failroth’s detailed list and explanations are available on the Diablo subreddit:

Q: Do these combos require specific Unique Tuning Stones?

A: Some combos, like the Tempest + Evernight build, utilize unique stones. However, most are achievable with readily obtainable Tuning Stones.

Q: Does this make the Senechal too powerful?

A: Balancing is an ongoing process. Currently, these combos enhance the effectiveness of Senechal without disrupting the game. They offer strategic options and encourage creative customization.

Q: I’m still struggling with the Senechal. Any advice?

A: Don’t give up! Experiment with different combos and consider your class synergies. Remember, the Senechal is a powerful tool, but it takes some time to master.

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