Blast Off to Galactic Glory: Win a Real Spacesuit with Starfield’s Suit-Up Contest!

Attention all space enthusiasts and aspiring fashion designers! Get ready for an exciting opportunity brought to you by Bethesda Game Studios and the European Space Agency (ESA). You now have the chance to win a unique prize that will leave even seasoned explorers envious – a real-life spacesuit designed by you! This is not just any suit, but a chance to become a part of the Starfield universe. Your creative vision will be brought to life in space, making it an extraordinary experience.

Craft Your Cosmic Couture:

The “Suit Up for Starfield” contest invites players to showcase their space fashion skills. Participants can:

  • Download a template from the official contest website or create their own unique canvas.
  • Flex their artistic muscles by sketching, painting, or digitally crafting their ideal spacesuit design.
  • Let their imagination take flight: Go classic sci-fi, embrace futuristic tech, or channel the vibrant diversity of Starfield’s alien worlds.
  • Think practical: Consider functionality alongside aesthetics. What tools and features would make this suit ideal for traversing the cosmos?

The Road to Stellar Style:

The deadline for submissions is February 24th, 2024, so you have ample time to refine your masterpiece. After the deadline, a panel of judges from Bethesda and ESA will carefully select five finalists based on originality, creativity, and technical feasibility. These designs will then be put up for a public vote, allowing fellow Starfield enthusiasts to choose the ultimate winner. Get your friends and followers involved, spread the word on social media, and let your favorite design claim cosmic glory!

The Grand Prize: From Sketch to Spacesuit:

The design that wins will be turned from a digital model into an actual suit by the experts at ESA. Yes, you read that right! Your spacesuit will be carefully crafted using advanced technology and materials suitable for space, making it a testament to your creativity. But that’s not all; even more prizes will be won. The champion space designer will also receive:

  • A trip to an ESA facility to witness the construction of their suit firsthand.
  • Exclusive Starfield gear and merchandise.
  • Bragging rights for eternity (and beyond!).

Beyond the Suit: A Universe of Inspiration:

This competition is not only about winning an awesome spacesuit but also about celebrating the limitless creativity that drives the Starfield community. It is an opportunity to stretch the limits of imagination, explore the intersection of art and science, and perhaps even inspire some real-life space suit innovations in the process. So, whether you are a skilled artist, a space enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates a great spacesuit, grab your pens, turn on your tablets, and let your interstellar fashion flair soar!


Q. Who can participate? 

The contest is open to residents of most countries, except for a few with specific restrictions. Check the official rules for full details.

Q. Do I need to be a Starfield player to enter? 

Nope! Anyone with a passion for space and creativity can join the fun.

Q. What are the judging criteria?

Originality, creativity, and technical feasibility will be the key factors considered by the judges.

Q. How do I vote for the finalists? 

Voting will take place on the official contest website after the finalists are announced. Stay tuned for updates!

Q. What happens to the other finalist designs? 

While only one suit will be built, the top designs may be featured in future Starfield content or merchandise.

Get ready for Starfield! Visit the “Suit Up for Starfield” website to show off your spacefaring style. Remember, the universe is your canvas, and the prize is out of this world!

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